How to Join Holy Trinity UMC

The doors of this church are open to all persons seeking to draw close to God. We invite you to come to our worship service, a small group meeting, a Bible study, or a service project and get to know us and get to know


We want to help you grow in your faith and know God's love so please ask questions and we will make every effort to encourage your walk with God.

Most of us have come to the understanding of God's awesome love and have made this clear to others around us-usually friends and family. Many of us have privately prayed surrendering our life to Jesus. 

We have made a "public profession of faith" which means we have publicly said that we accept God's love in Christ and choose to follow him. This is usually followed by a baptism if we have never been baptized. Baptism is done together with other beleivers in a public setting as we celebrate God'redeeming love.

You are also invited to contact our Pastor, Paul May at 713 410-6511.

By Transfer from Another Denomination

Since you have been baptized into the Christian faith in another denomination, it is not necessary to be rebaptized to celebrate your spiritual growth. You will be asked this question, "As a disciple of Jesus Christ, will you support the United Methodist Church with your prayers, your presence, your gifts, your service, and witness?" The church staff will handle the details of notifying your former church.

By Transfer from Another United Methodist Church

Arrangements will be made to transfer your membership from another United Methodist Church. All of the necessary details will be handled by the church staff.

Affiliate and Associate Membership

If you are a United Methodist whose membership is in another city or state and you wish to retain that membership in your "home" church, you can become an Affiliate Member. This grants you pastoral oversight and full participation in our church, but you will not be added to the church rolls. Members of other Christian denominations may elect to become Associate Members under the same conditions.

Holy Trinity